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How to Find a Missing Girl

Verfasser/in: Suche nach diesem Verfasser Wlosok, Victoria
Verfasserangabe: Victoria Wlosok
Jahr: September 2023
Mediengruppe: B.Bell.Jug/L.ragazzi


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A year ago, beloved cheerleader Stella Blackthorn vanished without a trace. Devastated, her younger sister, Iris, launched her own investigation, but all she managed to do was scare off the police’s only lead and earn a stern Once she turns eighteen, more meddling means prison-level consequences.
Then, a year later, the unthinkable happens. Iris’s ex-girlfriend, Heather, goes missing, too—just after dropping the polarizing last episode of her true crime podcast all about Iris’s sister. This time, nothing will stop Iris and her amateur sleuthing agency from solving these disappearances.
But with a suspicious detective watching her every move, an enemy-turned-friend-turned-maybe-more to contend with, and only thirty days until she turns eighteen, it’s a race against the clock for Iris to solve the most dangerous case of her life.


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Verlag: New York, Little, Brown and Company
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Interessenkreis: Suche nach diesem Interessenskreis Thriller
ISBN: 978-0-316-51150-6
Beschreibung: First Edition, 394 pages
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Sprache: englisch